For full information please call us at (Local) 1700-705-867 / (International) +97286108413 or send us an Email at SkyKef@Ayit.co.il
Welcome to the center of Israel's premier skydiving and most active club.
SKYKEF is a skydiving center.
Established by skydivers to promote the sport in Israel.
We are located in the northwestern Negev, right in the center of the country, allowing skydiving perfect temperature all year and overlooks a wonderful view !
Skydiving jump on weekends from morning to evening.
A distance of 50 minutes drive from Ben Gurion International Airport, 30 minutes from the Mediterranean and 40 minutes from the dead sea.
While Skydiving, you can see the variety of landscapes: The beautiful desert, the southern slope, the Dead Sea and the Negev

NEW! Introductory price
Tandem skydiving from an altitude of 10,000 feet (3 km) - instead of 1290
Now at 850 NIS

Tandem skydiving from an altitude of 12,000 feet (4 km) - instead of 1390
Now at -1090 NIS

Tandem skydiving from an altitude of 13,500 feet (4.5 km) -
Now at -1150 NIS

Handy video/stills photos (60-80) - instead of 450
Now only 350 NIS

Video/Stills photos with an experience skydiver photographer - instead of 590
Now only 490 NIS

Video + Stills photo costs additional 200 INS (add still images to a DVD or vice versa)

Security additives:
Weight more than 90 kg = additional 190 INS
Weight more than 100 kg = additional 380 INS
Height more than 190cm= 190 INS

Accompanied by a flight =350INS